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Welcome to My Business Mentor, where we believe that unlocking your business potential goes hand in hand with empowering your life journey. Our founder, Trever Nykilchuk, is more than an entrepreneur; he’s an inspirational force for those ready to make their mark on the world.

With over a decade of relentless dedication, Trever has reshaped the garage door industry. His hard work, unwavering commitment, and groundbreaking innovations have earned him two U.S. patents. Trever’s success is undeniable; he is a true influencer and creative powerhouse.

Trever’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at a young age. Even in his formative years, he possessed an unyielding drive to succeed. He embraced various roles, gaining invaluable experience in the intricate world of business. This early passion continues to fuel his motivation today.

As a young adult, Trever turned his dreams into reality by founding Kydrid Door Systems. His revolutionary technology not only attracted government grants and private investors but also transformed the garage door industry, enhancing both safety and efficiency for our valued customers.

Driven by Kydrid’s achievements, Trever embarked on another groundbreaking journey with Garage Door Spring King. This company was established with a singular goal: to create and patent a new safety system for garage doors. Trever’s relentless dedication paid off, resulting in yet another U.S. patent and a growing legacy of success.

Yet, Trever is more than an innovator and inventor; he is a passionate leader. He is dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge with others through comprehensive business and life coaching. Trever’s expertise extends to marketing and sales, and he is eager to equip others with the skills and strategies necessary to reach their personal and professional pinnacles.

Trever is a modern business luminary who envisions a brighter future for his community and the world. His innate understanding of the ever-evolving modern landscape, combined with his ability to improvise, are invaluable assets that he leverages to make a lasting impact. Trever’s capacity to assess complex situations and his unwavering commitment to helping others make him an inspiration to everyone he encounters.

A forward-thinking visionary with a boundless creative spirit, Trever has achieved unprecedented success in his career. His tenacity serves as both motivation and inspiration to those fortunate enough to cross his path. As he continues to leave an indelible mark on the world, he does so with the same enthusiasm and determination that fueled his entrepreneurial journey from the beginning. Trever Nykilchuk is an entrepreneur of the modern era, armed with the power to innovate and make a difference.

Join us at My Business Mentor, where we’re committed to unlocking your business potential and empowering your life journey. With Trever as your mentor, the possibilities are limitless.


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